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Bring Derby-Pie® Home today. 

Derby-Pie® is served in many fine restaurants throughout Kentucky and the US. The history, heritage and quality of this legendary dessert make it a favorite for chefs. Many people will go out of their way for the chance to have this pie. Although you can find Derby-Pie® in fine restaurants, served by chefs with distinction, you don't have to "road trip" to bring home our amazing pie.

Triple-sealed, each lovingly-baked pie can also go from our kitchen to yours with freshness and amazing flavor via mail-order, online and through various retail outlets. When you serve Derby-Pie®, you are serving your family slices of love, tradition and Southern heritage. From the flaky crust to the gooey, chocolatey-filling, Derby-Pie® consistently gets raves. It is the perfect "wow" dessert for tailgating, potlucks, holidays and special family dinners. Try it once and we're confident it will become a cherished tradition in your home. 




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Serving Tip:

Derby-Pie® is best served by slicing frozen and serving warm. We recommend 12 minutes at 350º. The pie will come out of the oven with a perfect, flaky crust. It will be warm, toasty, and ready-to-eat, a perfect blend of sweet, crunchy goodness that will satisfy your innate need for chocolate. Grandma Leaudra liked it with a dollop of whipped cream on top-but you may discover your own way.

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